Hiking Mt. Weart, Garibaldi Provincial Park

Cook, Weart, Rethel, Parkhurst and WedgeThis weekend I hiked Mt. Weart, the second highest peak in Garibaldi Provincial Park. This peak is just one of five that can be accessed from Wedgemount Lake. From left to right the peaks in this picture are Mt. Cook, Mt. Weart, Rethel Mountain, Parkhurst Mountain and Wedge Mountain. The hike took the entire day and I camped at the lake under clear skies and a bright moon. The hike was very strenuous but was well worth it. I will definitely come back here to climb some of the other peaks.

Wedgemount LakeThe hike begins with a climb up to Wedgemount Lake. The trailhead is a few kilometers past Green Lake at the north end of Whistler. The access is by a forest road off the right of the highway, which climbs steeply for about five minutes before it reaches the parking lot.

The hike up to the Lake took about two and a half hours. Once at the lake I dropped off my big pack at one of the designated camping spots and started my way to the far end of the lake.

Glacial PoolThere is a great little body of water at the edge of the Wedgemount Glacier where I stopped for a photo. Staying to the left of the glacier I began the climb up to the ridge that leads to the summit of Mt. Weart. The hike up Mt. Weart from the lake took another two and a half hours. There were a couple of steep snow sections and some steep scrambling over boulders and rocks but there was very little exposure on the hike and it was very safe.

Wedgemount Lake from the summitThe summit of Mt. Weart is at 2835m, which is the highest peak I have hiked yet. By the time I reached the summit I had climbed over 2000m metres of vertical. My knees and feet were feeling the pain from hours of scrambling over rocks, and I had a painful headache from sun exposure due to the reflection off the snow fields.

The view was limitless from the summit. Surrounded by peaks and glaciers I took a few minutes to take some pictures and catch my breath. I could see all the way down to the lake and my campsite from the peak.

Mount WeartLooking across the Wedgemount Glacier there was a great view of Wedge and Parkhurst Mountains. Even though it was mid-September and about 30 degrees the place looked like the middle of winter with snow and ice everywhere.

Wedgemount GlacierThe downclimb to the lake was really quick. I had my new ice axe and it game my so much confidence going downhill on snow I was practically running down. Another great part of the downclimb was filling up my water bottle with some of the coldest and tastiest water I ever drank. The hike down to the parking lot the next day was long and tough after the long slog the day before, but this was another great hike. Next time up to the lake I would like to climb Rethel and Parkhurst Mountains; maybe next year.

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